Different Types of Photo Shoots

Photo Studio Los AngelesOnce you’ve realized that your business needs professional photography services, you’ll want to narrow down your options to find the best type of photo shoot for you. Consider these 5 brand photography styles.

1. Product Photography
If you want to feature a product that’s for sale, a product photo shoot will present the item on a clean, white background. Your photographer’s photo studio will have everything needed to put the focus on your product and its details. You’ll be able to use the image on your website and social media; in advertisements; and at trade shows.

2. Product Environment Photography
Though this type of photo shoot highlights a specific product, it’s set up in a different way from a straight product shoot. Instead of using a stark white background, the product is placed in a complementary environment. For example, if you’re selling a coffeemaker it will be placed in a kitchen so that customers can see the product in its normal environment. These shoots can either be done in a staged photo studio or on location.

3. Product Usage Photography
Product usage photography is a spin-off from product environment photography. The product is placed in a familiar, complementary environment and it’s also shown in action. For example, with the coffeemaker from the example above the photographer would show the coffeemaker in the kitchen being used by a family or as coffee flows into a mug.

4. Lifestyle Photography
Lifestyle photography is used by businesses that want to feature a product, as well as brands that want to show the impact their services have on a customer. Everyday happenings or emotions are captured in an image or a series of images. Lifestyle photo shoots almost always involve people so that the audience can see how a brand will positively affect their life.

5. Recipe Photography
For brands that sell food or food-related items, you’ll want to work with a food photographer. This type of shoot will present the recipe or food product (cutlery or plates, for example) in the best, most appetizing way possible. Recipe and food photography can be done either in a photo studio or on location.

Photo Studio in Los Angeles

Photo Studio in Los AngelesConveniently located near 101 and 118 freeways just 10 min north of 405 and less than 40 min drive from almost anywhere in Los Angeles and Ventura counties, making LAvish Studios among Los Angeles' most easily accessible photo studios. Since opening our doors we have provided our photo studio to some of the industry's biggest production companies, photographers, artists, producers and videographers.

Here at LAvish Studios you get the space you need to bring your work into the world. Our photo studio in Los Angeles provides everything  you require for projects ranging from fashion, advertising, family portraits, engagement photography and editorials to video production and more. Photo studio in Los Angeles is available 24 hours 7 days a week. From one hour rental to full day rentals.

You’ll find great lighting, vareity of unique stages and a 16 foot cyclorama in our spacious photo studio in Los Angeles. The interior of every stage is set up to maximize your comfort and work efficiency. Our photo studio in Los Angeles provides equipment rental so that you have all the top quality gear you need to complete your project and you won't have to look anywhere else. Our photo studio in Los Angeles is secure access guaranteed, and come equipped with Full Lighting Kits, Wireless Trigger Systems, Soft Boxes, Umbrellas, and other photography equipment for your comfort and peace of mind. We have additional equipment available for rent.

Photography Styles for Your Shoot

Photo Studio in Los AngelesWhen you first hear the term “portrait photography,” you may think of sitting uncomfortably in a mall portrait studio, posing before a cheesy background. Professional portrait photography, though, comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether you head to a photo studio for your shoot or ask your photographer for a more natural backdrop, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the various types of portraiture styles.

Classic portraiture puts most of the focus on the subject’s face because the purpose of the image is to create a true visual representation of the person being photographed. The subject will look directly into the camera for their head shot. Sometimes the full body is in the shot, while other times only two-thirds of the body is photographed.

A candid portrait is when the subject either doesn’t know the photographer is taking their photo or they don’t acknowledge the photographer, resulting in a very natural expression. This is commonly used in event, street and travel photography, as well as in photojournalism.

A glamour portrait is similar to a classic portrait – it’s posed and often taken in a photo studio – but the purpose of the photo is a bit different. Glamour photography is often used to emphasize the subject’s aesthetic or romantic appeal. For example, a glamour portrait may be used in a boudoir or fashion shoot.

An environmental portrait is when the subject is photographed in a specific environment. For example, if you need images of the executive chef of your restaurant, your photographer may want to photograph them in their natural environment (the kitchen). The setting and surroundings are specifically chosen to highlight the subject’s character. Often, the subject will be performing an action. For example, a chef may be cooking instead of looking directly into the camera.

Lifestyle portraiture combines environmental and candid portraiture. The goal of this type of photo is to showcase a certain style of living. Often, the subjects don’t acknowledge the photographer. Lifestyle portraiture is used for various types of commercial photography projects, including editorial, fashion and food photography. The setting for lifestyle photography can be practically anywhere, including a staged photo studio, the subject’s home or an outdoor location.

Los Angeles Photo Studio

Los Angeles Photo StudioThere’s no shortage of talented photographers in Los Angeles, so the question becomes how to find the right Los Angeles photo studio for your needs. Choosing a photographer and Los Angeles photo studio shouldn’t be rushed; it’s an important decision that has a big impact on your business. Here’s what you should look for in order to choose the best studio available.

They offer all of the photo services you need.
Knowing your business goals is the most important part of finding photo studio space in Los Angeles. What niche should the photography studio specialize in? A wedding photographer is going to have a very different approach and portfolio from a real estate photographer, for example. Aside from photography, do you need additional services, like video production or marketing? If you can find a studio that offers everything you need, you won’t need to use different vendors.

They have an accommodating schedule.
The more people you need to gather together for a shoot – several of your employees for their headshots, for example – the harder it’s going to be to accommodate everyone’s schedules. It’s best if you can find a photo studio that’s flexible when it comes to scheduling. For instance, it may be easiest to get everyone together on a weekend or in the evening, outside of normal business hours.

Their sales process isn’t pushy.
There are plenty of Los Angeles photography studios that have a reputation for putting pressure – a lot of it – on their customers. The right Los Angeles photo studio will be open to discussing their rates with you before the shoot. They should also let you know exactly what you’re getting for your money, including how you’ll go about choosing and buying images.

You’re happy with their customer service.
Even if you find the best photo studio space in Los Angeles, you need to be happy with the customer service they provide so that the entire process runs smoothly. Aside from the actual photo shoot day, you’ll want to feel comfortable asking your photographer for advice before the shoot and discussing sales specifics afterwards.

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